I’ve Always Wanted a Home Office!

Desk, Chair & Rug From Pottery Barn

For years, I would “pin” my favorite home office photos on my Pinterest “Home Office” board with the hopes of one day having a beautiful home office of my own.  Since my oldest son decided to find his own place, his decision has resulted in my home office dream finally coming true.

There’s a confession though…  My office won’t be mine alone.  My husband will be using “My Office” too.  I know…this is where it gets interesting!  Although we’ve always had compatible tastes when it comes to design, at the end my desires prevail.  I know… he’s such a smart man.  However, this time he decided he wanted the space to reflect his “personal stamp” too [INSERT SCREAMING WIFE HERE].

How would I incorporate my husband’s point of view into my chic, pink-filled home office?  I found out, that like in any good marriage, the key to solving this dilemma was to compromise.  Easy, right?  Even though the office is not completed yet, we’ve been able to find a common ground.  I’m still working on having the Michael Jordan framed cards removed from the office but I’m certain that my strong decorphile arguments will conquer this small battle.  As to my husband, he was able to get his favorite leather chair, which turned out to be quite comfortable.  And me? I was able to bring some feminine energy  with the desk chair, bookcase and golden accents.  I will share more photos as we continue this project.  I invite you to join us in this little dream of ours!

Bookcase From Target | Bookcase’s Background Paper From Etsy


Floor Lamp & Cushion From Target | Leather Chair & Rug From Pottery Barn


Floor Lamp & Bookcase From Target | Leather Chair & Rug From Pottery Barn


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