4 Creative Ways to Recycle & Reuse Your Christmas Tree


Christmas time is coming to an end and many people ask themselves the same questions every year…What do I do with my Christmas tree.  The obvious answer for some is to “put it in the trash”.  In our case, we stopped buying natural Christmas trees many years ago since we wanted to be more environmentally conscious. But for those of you who love natural trees and are asking yourself this question, we’re sharing 4 ways to recycle or reuse your Christmas tree.

  • Home &  Garden Décor – Cut off all the branches and use the trunk to edge a garden. The trunk can also be strategically placed in your garden as a resting spot for birds, squirrels and other little critters. You can also use the cut-off branches as decorations throughout your home.


  • Create Wooden Coasters – Use the stump of your tree to make wooden coasters! Saw your tree stump into 1/3- or ½-inch-thick disks.


  • Smell Like Christmas Year-Round – You can make a DIY air freshener by crushing up the pine needles and putting it into a bowl of potpourri or into sachets.


  • Mold-free Mulch – Since pine needles dry quickly and decompose slowly, you can use them as moisture- and mold-free mulch in your garden. Many communities throughout the country have tree-recycling programs, in which trees are collected from residents and then chopped up to be used as mulch for plants in community parks and gardens. You can find out about your local tree-recycling program by calling city hall.


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