We’re Obsessed with The Wing: Shared Workspace, Part Social Club for Women!

All Photos: Domino
All Photos: Domino

Perched on the 12th floor of a historic building near New York’s Gramercy Park, The Wing is a girls-only haven of pale pink sofas, ash and walnut communal tables, and terrazzo countertops. Pop by and you might find Tavi Gevinson or Petra Collins catching up on emails from one of the mustard wingback chairs—or overhear an entrepreneur-in-the-making swapping strategies with an investor she just met in the dressing room. “It’s interactive here because it’s intimate,” says member Alex Covington.

Beyond the polished design is a clear mission: “We’re allowing women to take up space,” explains Audrey Gelman, who launched the now-350-member-strong club with cofounder Lauren Kassan in October. An entire wall of bookshelves stocked exclusively with female authors puts the idea into action, along with a full calendar of events posted by the elevator (girls’ poker night, anyone?). Even the Internet password, set in acrylic frames on various low brass tables, relays the message: Ladies First. {Via Domino}
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